Oxygenation Protocol
Life, Medical History

Daily Supplements,  Exercise

Daily Routine after Reversal

U Starve 

 Anaerobic Diseases

Cancer, Alzheimers and 

Other Blood Borne Virus






Cannabis Oil

U Starve Cancer

We enable Patients to Starve Disease

First you will learn to drink one liter of processed oxygenated water per day, this detoxes you and kills Obligated Anaerobic disease on contact.

Second you will learn to cause your body to go to an Alkaline state, not Acidic. 

Third you will learn what supplements you are missing out of your body, due to age and other health issues. 

Forth, you will learn how Cannabis, can inhibit cancer from being able multiply. 

When they first said I would drink water, consume lemon/baking soda and ingest Cannabis, I knew this was different.  I believed it would "Starve Cancer" by following this new Protocol. My PSA number changed for the better. I no longer have the potential of full blown Prostrate Cancer. Thank you.

Qualified Patients and Caregivers, seeking an alternative to traditional medicine. We offer flushing the cancer out of the body. We can only help those with Obligated Anaerobic Cancers, those which require 1) acidity 2) sugar.

We will teach you how to remove, the acidity and sugar. These obligated anaerobic organisms, parasites, bacteria and viruses, must have the acidity and the sugar, to make, Cancer Energy, we can starve them to death. 

Step 1 Oxygenation 

Step 2 Alkaline every 8 hours

Step 3 Specific Cannabis